Archaeological Museum of Chania
The Archaeological Museum of Chania is located at 28 Chalidon str. (phone: +30-28210-90334) and belongs to the Ephorate of Antiquities of Chania. It is housed in the katholikon of the Venetian monastery of Agios Frangiskos. As an Archaeological Museum, it started operating in 1963. Its exhibits give an insight into the cultural history of the area of Chania, from the Neolithic Age to the years of Roman rule. The opening hours for the summer period (1 April to 31 October) are 08:00-2000 from Tuesday to Sunday and 13:00-20:00 on Mondays. The opening hours for the winter period (1 November to 31 March) are 08:00-15:00 from Tuesday to Sunday and on Mondays it's closed. The ticket costs 4€.
Nautical Museum of Crete
The Nautical Museum of Crete in Chania is located at the Kountouriotis coast (Phone: +30-28210-91875), in the entrance of the historic Venetian Fortress "Firka". It was established in 1973 and is the second museum of its kind in Greece, both regarding its age and in terms of content. The permanent exhibition of the Nautical Museum of Crete includes 2,500 exhibits. The opening hours are every day, from 09:00-16:00 and the ticket costs 2€.
Byzantine Collection
The museum is located at 82 Theotokopulou str (phone: +30-28210-96046). It was established in 1997, in the church of the monastery of San Salvatore (which probably dates back to the 15th century) and next to the bastions on the west side of the Venetian fortifications of Chania. At the south, a covered portico (chiostro) is still preserved, which housed the cells of the Franciscan monks. During the Ottoman Era, the church was converted into the mosque of Aga Khan. The exhibits come from archaeological findings of the excavation activities of the 13th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities and from private collections and donations. These findings outline the historical and the artistic character of the prefecture of Chania during the Byzantine and post-Byzantine times. The opening hours are 08:00-15:00 every day, except Monday. The ticket costs 2€.
The Lighthouse
The lighthouse at the old harbor of Chania is the most recognizable part of the city, posing in all travel-books of Crete. The story of the lighthouse starts long ago, and it was present in dates back to the Egyptian Occupation of Crete (in the early 19th century). The Venetians, under the threat of the Turks in the late 16th century, started fortifying all towns throughout Crete. In the period 1595-1601, they made great interventions at the port of Chania. At the center of the breakwater, they built the bastion of St. Nicholas, which, together with the fortress of Firkas, could protect the harbor entrance. At that time they also built the lighthouse.
The Roman Catholic Church
The Roman Catholic Church of Chania (1842) is located at the town centre, at Halidon 46 str (the road that leads from the 1866 Square down to the harbour front), in a beautiful building, just set back from the main frontage. The church serves as an international congregation and its services are conducted in several languages, including English; lots of booklets are also available, in a variety of languages. All nationalities are made to feel welcome.
The Trimartiri Cathedral
The present Cathedral temple of "Eisodion" was built in the place of the older temple of "Theotokos" (Virgin Mary) Trimartiri, which dated back to the 14th century. When the city of Chania was occupied by the Turks in 1645, the temple was converted into a soap-factory, without altering its initial design, and it was owned by the Turkish dignitary Moustafa Pasha Giritli ("the Cretan"). The temple is closely connected to the historical events of the city and it was an asylum and shelter during war time and revolutions. It was severely damaged in May 1941 by the bombs dropped by the Germans.
The Chania Municipal Market
The Chania Municipal Market is located at the centre of Chania, in the heart of the city, where the main bastion of the fortifications stood during the Venetian occupation. Up to the late 19th century this was the edge of the city. There was the "farmers' street market", where villagers brought their goods for sale. The Municipal Market was opened by Eleftherios Venizelos, in 1913. It is in the shape of a cross and has four doors, one to each arm. The market has 76 shops, including butchers' shops, fishmongers', general stores, a chemist's, etc. It's an architectural jewel of Chania and one of the most impressively covered markets in the Balkans. The opening hours are from Monday to Saturday, 08:00-20:00.
La Bodega
One of the best places in Chania. It is situated in 59-60 Akti Kountourioti (phone: +30-28210-36011), at the entrance of the Old Harbor. Focused in quality, and offering premium wine at very good prices, it also offers an exceptional wine list including 100 approximately labels (20 of which are exclusive, and all of which are Greek, mainly of Cretan origin). It also has a wide variety of options in glass wine. The neat wine list is accompanied by delicious cheese and meat selections, to enjoy beautiful nights next to the sea.
"Calderimi" restaurant
The "Calderimi" restaurant is located at 53 Theotokopoulou str (phone: +30-28210-76741) and it's named after its location. In the busy and picturesque Old City's small street, you can taste Cretan and Mediterranean dishes, as well as fresh sea food. At night, when the atmosphere is more romantic, with small lanterns on the tables, you could prefer to sit on the more quiet Aggelou Street.
"Tamam" restaurant
The "Tamam" restaurant is located at 49 Zampeliou str (phone: +30-28210-96080), and was established in 1982. The building where the restaurant is situated was built around 1400 AC by the Venetians, to operate as a public bath. The recipes have been inspired by the Greek family Sunday meals and by traditional food the Cretans eat at home with their beloved ones. You can taste Traditional Greek food, with some Eastern oriented influences by the Ottoman cuisine and by the broader Eastern Mediterranean region. The careful selection of the top quality local products and the personal has made "Tamam" a sought -after restaurant in the Old Port of Chania.
"Boheme" is located at 26-28 Chalidon str (phone: +30-28210-95955). It's a brand new place, offering excellent suggestions for culinary delights and tasty searches, either you choose to enjoy breakfast, coffee, exquisite food or superb cocktails and drinks. the building where it's situated was originally built by the Venetians and it was a part of the cells of the monks of the Monastery of Saint Francis. You can taste excellent dishes, which combine the best our island has to offer with special emphasis on unique flavors of Cretan herbs and biological products of mother earth; or you can enjoy exquisite cocktails and drinks in their beautiful courtyard with the plane tree, which can travel you to magical places.
Salis restaurant
The "Salis" restaurant is located at 3 Akti Enoseos (phone: +30-28210-43700). It is a chic alternative to its neighboring taverns, as it takes an innovative turn on the traditional Cretan gastronomy. The dishes are modern yet nostalgic, lavishly showcasing nature's menu. They choose only the finest ingredients, sourcing true local produce from the region, in order to enhance the unique flavors Crete has to offer. You will feel an artistic and unique dining experience, while the calming sea and the comforting aromas of the dishes are sure to stimulate the senses.
Manos restaurant
In Chania, you find many fish restaurants and one of the best is "Manos". It is located at 3 Akti Papannikoli str (phone: +30-28210-86055) and it's just across the little boat harbour of the beach promenade of Nea Hora. The food is delicious and the prices very reasonable. You will always find fresh sea food and taste really special dishes. After your dinner, they will offer you the most delicious homemade "loukoumades" and other local sweets and fruits. All these, combined with the beautiful sunset at the beach, will be a memorable experience.